Social & Corporate Gatherings
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Networking & Business Events

At Kubricks Bar & Restaurant, we provide spaces and services for networking events, business meetings, and corporate gatherings. You can customise our menu, and speak to our dedicated staff for help regarding your specific needs.
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Cooking Classes & Workshops

At Kubricks Bar & Restaurant, we offer cooking classes and workshops all year round where guests can learn culinary techniques, recipe secrets, and tips from professional chefs. These hands-on experiences are educational and entertaining.
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Live Music & Entertainment

At our Kubricks Bar & Restaurant, you will find live music performances and entertainers that create a vibrant and enjoyable ambiance. Revel in the good times with solo musicians, jazz bands, DJs, and also cultural dance performances.
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Themed Nights & Cuisine Showcases

We occasionally organise themed nights or cuisine showcases that highlight a specific type of cuisine, such as Italian, Mexican, or seafood. At these events, you will often feature special menus, live music, and decorations that create an immersive atmosphere.
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Wine & Beer Tasting

At Kubricks Bar & Restaurant, we often collaborate with wineries or breweries to organise tastings where you can sample different wines or beers. You can also learn how to pair these beverages with complementary dishes and meals.
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Chef's Table & Kitchen Takeover

At our exclusive Chef's Table & Kitchen Takeover events, we allow our guests to have a unique dining experience by sitting at a specially arranged table in the kitchen. You can interact with the chefs, observe the culinary process, and enjoy a customised menu.
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Seasonal & Holiday Events

Our restaurant frequently organises special events around the holidays or seasons, such as Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas brunches, Valentine's Day specials, or summer barbecues. We love to create the perfect ambiance for these events with feature themed menus and decorations.
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Charity & Fundraising Dinners

Our restaurant also holds charity or fundraising dinners to support a cause or contribute to the community. Guests can enjoy a special menu while knowing that a portion of the proceeds will go to a charitable organisation.
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Cocktail Masterclasses & Mixology Nights

At our Cocktail Masterclasses & Mixology Nights, we focus on the art of mixology, where guests can learn to create cocktails under the guidance of our professional bartenders. Our guests can discover new drink recipes and techniques while enjoying a fun and interactive experience.

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